Monday, July 6, 2009

inspired by a loser!

so a Loser asked me if I had updated my blog.

nd I realized!! I hadn't updated the blog in a
whole LIL! minute. at first I was like I dnt have
anything to blog about. blah blah blah.

but thn I thought about it. nd I DO!

so yesterday night I was bored in frnt of the tv.
thinkin about what I should watch!
so I was like let me go to on demand nd see.
So I was on demand nd nothing caught my eye on the HBO
movie thingy part. so thn I clickd on documentarys
and came across a documentary titled.


well it was about the children of AGAPE!
which is an orphanage that takes in kids
who lost their parents. mostly to aids.
&& get this. MOST OF THEM SING! and they sound
and it REALLY REALLY REALLY touched me.
I mean I actually cried. ya'll cried!

so I wnt online to we are
to see what I could do to help these children
to raise more money for the orphange so it
can become bigger nd help more kids.
statistics show that their are over 1.2 million
children who are homeless w/ out parents
and aids over there is rising.
&& I feel so bad cause these kids are losing their
parents! and are left w/ nothing. I dnt know
what I would do if my parents died.

so you can either buy the dvd of the movie
buy their cd, send in donations, or volunteer in africa.

nd guess what.

I want to go to africa nd volunteer.
there are many other volunteer agencies.

so thats a plan of mine.
to travel to africa. yerp.

nd OMG!! this has nothing to do w/ africa
I have moved ON! to a another topic.

since I havent blogged in a min I have so much to
tlk about. weird LOL.

but so I saw those new kanye west too dmn much money
for shoes shoes. nd I like em but guess what they are too
dmn much. I am BROKE! I am a normal average american who
struggles. I dnt know whats wrong w/ these dmn famous ppl.

its like they forgot where they came frm.
they've managed to make it and are living the GOOD LIFE.
but um. what about us. I mean I am not bankin like thm
I can not buy shoes that they wear unless its the CHEAP version.
so basically i need to invest in some dmn knock offs.
aint that boutta a BIAAAA!.

um NERP!

why make clothes nd shoes that ONLY YOU! can afford.
what about your fan base that look up too.
who want to b like you nd dress like you or whatevr the case may b.

&& what makes matters worse.
is their some dumbass out there who is seriously going too
go out of there way by not paying their bills just to rock those
shoes. crazy.

nd I swear its a dmn recession!!


you know what let me stop complaining about shoes
I cnt afford whn their are kids out there who cant
afford what I have. I should just b thankful I am
able to afford what I do have. evn if it is considered
CHEAP! in america.

I can honestly say I am blessed.

now moving on.

this video was cool hehe.

oh! nd my fav. music video for this week


nd NO! its not drakes wack ass video.
that thing was horrific.



its marvelous darling.

ps. make sure you go to

nd take action.

make a difference
in someone elses life.


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