Monday, October 19, 2009

dedicated to my mr fat head himself. MOMO!!

So I havent bloggd nd um.

let see...


I swear I'm gonna try to start
blogn more but its just kind
of BLAH! sometimes.

my new amigo momo!!
my fatty.

told me to blog.

so i'm blogn about momo!?

anyways LOL.

this blog is 100 percent dedicated
to MOMO!!

let me tell ya'll about him.

He's a promoter in Houston! cool.
He txt me every night nd AFTERNOON!
telln me to Wake UP! problem is.
I'm always the first one awake.
He made a bet w/ me nd I LOST! the first day.
aw. man now i've gotta do something
but i dnt know what it is yet until
we hang out. BUMMER.
oooh so he knows I dnt like chicken on a bone
right. but whn I come to houston.
he's gonna make me try Frenchys <--chicken place
on a bone. I can tell you now. I'm not gonna like it :)
oh yeah nd the loser doesnt eat pork.
now I'm not a huge pork fan but whats breakfast
w/ bacon or pizza w/ out pepperoni. smh.
I think he's muslim? hmm not sure.
ooh get this he's ugly ass is cute.
shh dnt anyone.
nd he sounds cute on phn? hahaha
txt him is fun i guess.
basically the loser is COOL!

end of discussion hehe.

so yes its official as of today
Oct 20, 09.
I've BLOGd hahaha.

nd you all can thank momo for
makin me blog and dedicate a blog
to him.

thats all folks.

NITE!! :)

ps. have fun passn out those
flyers dork!