Monday, October 19, 2009

dedicated to my mr fat head himself. MOMO!!

So I havent bloggd nd um.

let see...


I swear I'm gonna try to start
blogn more but its just kind
of BLAH! sometimes.

my new amigo momo!!
my fatty.

told me to blog.

so i'm blogn about momo!?

anyways LOL.

this blog is 100 percent dedicated
to MOMO!!

let me tell ya'll about him.

He's a promoter in Houston! cool.
He txt me every night nd AFTERNOON!
telln me to Wake UP! problem is.
I'm always the first one awake.
He made a bet w/ me nd I LOST! the first day.
aw. man now i've gotta do something
but i dnt know what it is yet until
we hang out. BUMMER.
oooh so he knows I dnt like chicken on a bone
right. but whn I come to houston.
he's gonna make me try Frenchys <--chicken place
on a bone. I can tell you now. I'm not gonna like it :)
oh yeah nd the loser doesnt eat pork.
now I'm not a huge pork fan but whats breakfast
w/ bacon or pizza w/ out pepperoni. smh.
I think he's muslim? hmm not sure.
ooh get this he's ugly ass is cute.
shh dnt anyone.
nd he sounds cute on phn? hahaha
txt him is fun i guess.
basically the loser is COOL!

end of discussion hehe.

so yes its official as of today
Oct 20, 09.
I've BLOGd hahaha.

nd you all can thank momo for
makin me blog and dedicate a blog
to him.

thats all folks.

NITE!! :)

ps. have fun passn out those
flyers dork!

Monday, September 14, 2009

KID CUDI Music Mondays: Inspiration

Man on the Moon: The End of the Day!


I love this album.
I can honestly say
this is probably one of
the only albums were
I LOVE not LIKE! every

each nd every song.

I'm in awe -spell check.

1. In my Dreams.

basically it goes w/ the album title LOL.
Man on the Moon = HIM!
The End of the Day! = him going to sleep
at "the end of the day" nd transforming you
into his dreams/his life.

2. Soundtrack 2 My Life.

simply amazing :) it is extremely relatable
on all levels. wll for me anyway hehe

verses frm the song I LOVE :)
-I got, 99 problems and they all bitches
Wish I was Jigga man, carefree livin'
-But they all didn't see the little bit of sadness in me
-The moon will illuminate my room
And soon I'm consumed by my doom
-Where it is never sunny, the dark side of the Moon,
So it's never right, I try to shed some light on it man,
Not many people of this planet understand...
-I'm this close to goin and tryin' some coke
and a happy ending be slitting my throat
Ignorance to cope man, Ignorance is bliss
Ignorance is love and I need that s--t
-And I get both, never truly satisfied
I am happy - that's just the saddest lie

&& last but not least.

sing it w/ me now.

I've got some issues that nobody can see
And all of these emotions are pouring out of me
I bring them to the light for you
It's only right, this is
The soundtrack 2 my life
The Soundtrack 2 my life...

I MEAN! seriously.
he wnt hard.
who hasnt evr had moments
were you truly felt what he
said cause you were in his shoes.

*looks around*

nd if you havent.
um kudos to you!?
[confused puzzled face]

3. Simple as...

its as simple as that.
love common whn he tlks :)

4. Solo Dolo [nightmare]

at this point!! its pretty dmn
self explanatory!! dnt get it
I'm flipn the bird at you :)

-Listen Good
I don't need nobody
This is what you feel all the sounds of insanity
Hopin what I hear loops itself to finish me
No I wont be afraid
Hey Hey
-Why must it feel so wrong when I try and do right, do right.

5.Heart of a Lion

pure awesomeness <--is that word? LOL
anyways you catch my drift.
the song literally speaks for its self.
point blank period.


6. My World

This WILL! be MY! world.
like this song gives HOPE.
it tells a story. nd yeah
we've probably heard this story
hundreds of time frm artist
in all genres. but Idk
for some reason this one felt
real. like it HIT HOME!

like seriously LISTEN TO THE SONG!!
I cnt evn give you a fav verse
or anything cause the whole dmn song
is my fav.
so google the lyrics nd read along :)

7. Day n NITE!

um yeah we've seen the video nd heard
the song over a milion times. I still love
it but shit ya'll get the picture.


ps. if you havent heard the song.
kick rocks nd without shoes or socks

8. The Sky Might Fall

-What a world that I'm livin' in,
Will the rainstorms ever end,
Still I feel my... path narrow,
I run again,
See happyness is gone again,
And then you see 'em,
Grey clouds up above man,
Metaphor to my life man,
Still I feel my...heart stronger then its ever been,
Strong will to my journey ends,

-enough said. listen to the rest biotchh.

9. Enter Galactic

-I know it's easy to imagine but it's easier to just do
See, if you can't do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you?
Just a waste of space in your brain, to take the place of hate, where things all the same
Tell me your secrets, the things that make you tick
I like when you talk because your voice is angel-ess, ay

this song makes me smile HEHE.

Now NOW Yeah you can't have my heart :)

10. Alive

-Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

11. Cudi ZONE

I just love this song.
in my mind it sounds like ooooooooo
dmn if i could sing!

12. Make her say.

love it!! lady gaga's weird ass singing.
kanye the douche crybaby nd my fav of all time
COMMON!!!!!! dmn this shit is HOT!.
specially commons part no offense.



13. Pursuit of Happiness

just the way it flows is enough for me!
gahhhhhh it makes me HAPPY! bahahaha.
I dnt know why I just LOVE! it so much.
it just feels so GROOVY BABY hehe.

-Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit
Feelin’ lit feelin’ light, 2 am summer night.
I don't care, hand on the wheel, drivin drunk, I'm doin’ my thing
Rollin the Midwest side and out livin’ my life getting’ out dreams
People told me slow my road I'm screaming out fuck that
Imma do just what I want lookin’ ahead no turnin’ back
if I fall if I die know I lived it to the fullest
if I fall if I die know I lived and missed some bullets

he couldve made this song w/ just that verse nd I'd b buzzn :)

14. Hyyerr

this song just takes me there hehe.
I swear this song makes me happy nd
makes me wnna do my happy dance. I swear.
nd I dnt evn smoke. but ayeeee.

-So I just pour that bag of colorful frosty leaves on out
And free my scalp
I mean free my mind
One puff at a time
Im up all the time
Im up on the grind
So a big booty and a blunt would be fine
Just wanna feel fine
Just wanna kill time
Just wanna relax and think of a rhyme

like seriously who else makes songs like his?

15. up up & away


so thats my take on the kid cudi album.
everyone song is awesomely amazing.
I love the entire album!


Sept 15. 2009.

The end is never the end. A new challenge awaits. A test no man could be prepared for. A new hell he must conquer and destroy. A new level of growth he must confront himself. The machine in the ghost within. This is the journey of the man on the moon.

VMA'sz frm a TV perspective.

So Madonna tlks nd its like aw. BLAH!


can we say BOMB [.] COM

I freakn loved it.
I would kill to go bck in time
nd audition to be part of the show.
shit I'd kill just to b able to perform
thiller on stage w/ the dancers.
it was AMAZING!!

bet who?!


then this bitch named kanye aka Douche the crybaby.

had the audacity!! to RUIN!!!! [keyword: RUIN]
Taylor Swift's moment.

blah blah blah everyone's makin hella excuses
for him. his mom just died, he was drinking,
he's been stressed out lately.


ppl deal w/ this type of shit on a daily.
but you dnt see them going out nd actn a dmn
fool or in others words being "REAL" <--bullshit.

you are responsible for your OWN! actions.

I personally feel like that was NOT! being real.
yes opinions are cool. nd its cool to state them
but there is a time nd place for everything.
there is a fine line between being str8 disrepectful
nd truthfully blunt. :) nd what he did was WRONG.
point _____ [.]

moving right along!!

Taylor Performed blah

Lady GAGA bleed on stage. BLAH!

-enough said LOL.


I saw KID CUDI's sexy ass I wear my
little sisters skinny jeans lookin ass.


JAY-Z performed.


I loved it until LIL MAMA
got on stage. like wtf?
ugh. it was gross.

ooh! nd um I will b in theaters
OCTOBER 28, 2009


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I havent posted in a while.

so I'm randomly posting NOTHING!

but hey watch this video its cool!

wnna see more?

go to



Sunday, July 26, 2009

spousal support/child support.

my thoughts nd views on it.
plus method man and redman's too hehe.

now I was on
and I came across this video.

wll watch the video.
I'm not about to tell you all about it
nd ish.

I can say I 100 percent agree w/ method and red.
wll mayb like 92 percent.
because I mean they aint have to say all that
the P***y isnt worth it. that was a lil xtra LOL.
but funny known the less.

wll I feel like 55k!?
like are you fxckn kindin me!?

nd wait its not like 55k a year or something.
its 55k a month.


most americans/ppl dnt even make that dmn much
a year. I mean wll the ppl I know LOL.
dnt make that much a year.
let alone to have to pay that much a month.

for a dmn baby thats probably 3 days old!?

HELL NAW! hell naw.
not I. I'd b a dead beat father in a minute.
quit my job nd everything so I wouldnt have to
pay that much. go back to court or something.

that is CRAZY!.

yes I do feel that their are some dead beat fathers
ie: my real one. who dnt do shit for their child.
guess what!?
my father was suppose
[did ya'll catch that suppose]
to pay but he didnt

nd did my mom act a dmn fool nd ask for all this
xtra nd keep going bck n forth to court. NO!
she was a single mother who did it all on her own.

so guess what ladies. its POSSIBLE!!

stop trying to be sneaky angry women who are trying
to get bck at the nigga because he left you! by takin
all of his dmn money.
get a dmn career a job or something and take care of
your dmn self. nd yes child support would be nice
cause it can help out. but that does not mean take
the babies money nd spend it on gettn your dmn nails dne.

this is not in regards to all females
just the grimey hoes who wlk around singing.
I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. but can't so shit for themselves.

matter of fact let me get into it for real.

Women: I can feel for you if you were a stay at home mom
nd now your getting a divorce but guess what you put yourself
in the predictment. with the way it is now a days everyone knows
divorce is like getting a new cell phone everytime a new one
comes out. its happens all the dmn time. therefore. be smart!!
yeah he may want you at home but you better have a secret saving
account or something, or work a part time job at least and save
for emergencies such as DIVORCE! so whn you find yourself alone.
you have something to fall back on until you are able to get a job!!
nd take care of yourself. women who work yeah its probably still going
to be hard when you get a divorce because ya'll may have something
going like you pay these bills he pays that so its going to be tight.
one: cut back on your spending whn it comes to clothes nd all that extra.
two: DOWNGRADE!! I know you want the big nice ass house but guess
what you can't afford it alone so how about. you get a nice apartment
or a nice house thats cheaper that you can afford on your own.
so your kid is still able to live a nice life. think of this. it is not
his responsiblity to pay your house nd his. think about it if the roles
were reversed nd you had to pay for not only yours but his. time are HARD!
therefore its ok to downgrade having a big ass house isnt going to
make your kid a better person. your one that influences the child and
is responsible for how the child turns out. not the materials.
so stop trying to live some uppity ass life and be happy w/ what you have.
remember its not about you but about the kid.
so regardless of you being mad because he left whatever be mad but
dnt let that shit hinder the situation put it aside and think about
your kid.!! thats whats wrong w/ ppl these days they think about themselves.
if you need help cause it gets hard and your having a hard time paying
for the downgrade due to this because trust me I know shit happens
its ok to ask for help that doesnt mean take advantage of this situation.
or change it around because your still bitter. [you heard that key word.
YOUR!!] and you want your ex to struggle.


Men: yes divorce does happen, but you can still be a great father.
by being their for your kid making sure your kid has. dnt punish the child
because you can stand that ex hoe of yours she is still your babys mother
and gave you a great gift. so put all the hard feelings out nd come
to some type of agreement. if you act right you may find yourself NOT IN COURT
and not having to pay tons of child support. [keyword:act right] this means.
taking your kid out, buying the kid some new shoes when their needed and
going back to school shopping. basically playing an active role in the childs life.
if the ex ask for some money because the kid needs to go to the doctor give
her the dmn money or tlk it out. make something work cause i know the doctor
can be expensive lol.

basially what I am saying is spousal support is some bullshit.
child support should only be dne if the mother/father is
not helping out in anyway but that does not mean go to court
nd take half of what he/she has. be resonable.

and if you can work out some kind of agreement outside of the court.
put your own feelings aside and think about whats best for the child!!
point _____ [.]

basically just make it work shit.

ps. the real reason i stopped writing is.
i got tired of typing LOL.
mayb i'll come bck in finish.

oh yeah kelis. you are dumb!!
spousal support so you can maintain
a lifestyle. you better learn to do
it on your own. dumb broad.

convenient -spell check! FRIEND!?

have you ever known someone to just b
there when its convenient for them!?

um. YA! LOL.

well let me go on record to say.

I am not the muthaeffn ONE!

if you think you can be my friend.
whn you have no one else.
when times arent going good for you.
when your life is suddenly in shambles
nd you need someone to tlk too.

you got the game FXCK'd up!!

I am not nor will I ever be.
your friend whn its convenient for you.

I can let you know right now.
I'm not the person you can run to
at the end of the day when everyone
has left you behind!

if you knew the true definition of a friend
you'd know that you are there through thick and thin.
not when you dnt have anyone.
a true friend is someone you can trust and confide in.
someone you can run and cry too.
someone who gives you advice and tells you the truth
whether its something you want to hear or not.
and so on and so on. shit you know.

not someone who.
whn goings get good!!
you dnt just diss your friends
who were there first.
but expect to pick them up
whn shit gets tough.
because during this diss process
you lose your friends
so whn those superficial hoes
decide enough is enough and their
dne w/ you. you will have NO ONE!!
or at least I can tell you.

I have no sympathy for anyone
who puts themselves in a bad situation.
you made your bed now sleep in it.

everyone knows.
you never burn a bridge.
because you'll never know when
you need to cross it again!!

nd I know ppl are probably thinking
wll your not a good friend yourself.
because your not there in the end.
wll I give everyone a chance.
the first time its a mistake but
after the second nd third time it is
no longer a mistake you know what your
doing and I am no ones fool.
so I refuse to let you think you got me!!
and allow you to take advantage of it.
therefore if this makes me a


wll I wear the title/crown proudly. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Say Whats REAL! part two.

who I really am.

I'm the girl

who loves to lay on carpet at night
nd watch endless hours of tv.
who likes to wake up early nd drink coffee
nd watch the food network channel w/ my mom.
who prefers to stay in the house nd do
absolutely nothing.
who wishes that for once her jeans would
get smaller and not because she grew taller.
who wished freshman 15 actually applyed to her.
wishes she had a car so she could never use it.
who has a love/hate relationship w/ her hair.
nd no matter how much she says shes wants to cut it
she would never actually do it.
who collects hello kitty.
who secretly wishes she had someone who was
totally in love w/ her [ie:lovr material]
who secretly wants the title.
who can love you one day and get totally irritated
w/ you just because you tlkd to her when she wasnt
in the mood to be bothered
who wishes she still played the violin.
who wishes her biological father would answer her
long lingering questions.
who is scared to get close to anyone because her real
father rejected her nd left.
who doesnt want to grow attached to anyone in fear that they
will just leave.
who misses her little brother dallas dearly. nd crys often over him
who pretends to be hard when really shes hurts nd broken inside.
who loves to laugh but gets insecure due to her "mexican tooth" lol.
who loves to run in high heels because its a risk I over come everytime
who secretly thinks she can sing in private but not in person.
who loves to sleep w/ TONS! of pillows
who is scared of the dark hince my night lamp.
who use to love to iron clothes.
who is extemely interested in black history due to my lack of knowing it.
who secretly hates being skinny but loves to stand in the mirror naked hehe.
who wonders if she is the only one who has some of the weirdest thoughts
while in church LOL.
who paints her nails just to make her mom mad everytime they become chiped.
who dreams that I'm secretly a princess like the girl in princess diaries.
who is actually very shy and has anxiety just going outside. so i push myself
who eats cookies because they look good on rugrats whn angelica eats them but is reminded just how average they really are everytime I bite into em. grr.
who has a potty mouth because cussing cracks her up.
who is mean because I'm insecure its true but i'm working on it! :)
who likes to wear sweats nd just chill.
who dresses up just to take a picture.
who wears makeup because I fell ugly that day.
who loves attention
who could never picture life w/ out her stuffed animals
who has had writers block since the 6th grade hehe.
who is told she is an excellent writer but hates english class.
who's favorite subject is seriously LUNCH.
who thinks root bear is amazing and the best just because its makes her burp alot.
who wishes she had ever pair of converse ever inventd evn though I never wear them.
who thinks doodling in class or ever is freaking LAME!
who thinks reading is amazing and loves libraries.
who wants a library card now. haha.
who thinks arthur is still a great show. pbs nigga.
who hates being a female during that time of the month nd wishes she were a boy.
who loves to crush on ppl hahaha.
who would go on a reality show because it'd be funny.
who wanted to pose in playboy ever since I saw a playboy magazing when I was little
who likes all movies that star thats so raven LOL.
who misses her first ever bffs. 5, 6, && 7 grade were amazing. 3lw

nd so much more.

I'm just your average girl frm
el paso texas. born nd raised.
who now resides in dallas.
and is getting ready to discover the world
all on my own. august 9th is my "move in" date.
I'm the girl who seriously hates college
nd doesnt wish to return. grr.
also why the fuck should I pay to learn.
I also like to keep alot of stuff bcause it
brings me memories. I'm just me.
I laugh whn I feel the need too.
I cry behind closed doors.
I worry too dmn much.
I smile nd stare out the window alot. :)
it is what it is.

I'm not rich I just trick alot LMAO.

born to a homeless mother who went through alot.
but guess what I'm her guardian angel!! I brought
so much meaning to her life. just like she taught me
I taught her. we've been through alot in life together.
and we continue to grow and overcome.
we've been through it all. lights off water off etc.
shes my bestfriend. as i grow stronger so does she.
her strength guides me motivates me nd pushes me.
my biological father
left and is living "the life" or so it seems.
with a family that doesnt include me.
I'm his first child nd only daughter. you would nevr know.
but God blessed me w/ a better person 2 to be exact.
I have a loving family and no matter how hard it gets.
I'm human. I'm blessed. I'm just sayn whats Real!!