Friday, July 24, 2009

Say Whats REAL! part two.

who I really am.

I'm the girl

who loves to lay on carpet at night
nd watch endless hours of tv.
who likes to wake up early nd drink coffee
nd watch the food network channel w/ my mom.
who prefers to stay in the house nd do
absolutely nothing.
who wishes that for once her jeans would
get smaller and not because she grew taller.
who wished freshman 15 actually applyed to her.
wishes she had a car so she could never use it.
who has a love/hate relationship w/ her hair.
nd no matter how much she says shes wants to cut it
she would never actually do it.
who collects hello kitty.
who secretly wishes she had someone who was
totally in love w/ her [ie:lovr material]
who secretly wants the title.
who can love you one day and get totally irritated
w/ you just because you tlkd to her when she wasnt
in the mood to be bothered
who wishes she still played the violin.
who wishes her biological father would answer her
long lingering questions.
who is scared to get close to anyone because her real
father rejected her nd left.
who doesnt want to grow attached to anyone in fear that they
will just leave.
who misses her little brother dallas dearly. nd crys often over him
who pretends to be hard when really shes hurts nd broken inside.
who loves to laugh but gets insecure due to her "mexican tooth" lol.
who loves to run in high heels because its a risk I over come everytime
who secretly thinks she can sing in private but not in person.
who loves to sleep w/ TONS! of pillows
who is scared of the dark hince my night lamp.
who use to love to iron clothes.
who is extemely interested in black history due to my lack of knowing it.
who secretly hates being skinny but loves to stand in the mirror naked hehe.
who wonders if she is the only one who has some of the weirdest thoughts
while in church LOL.
who paints her nails just to make her mom mad everytime they become chiped.
who dreams that I'm secretly a princess like the girl in princess diaries.
who is actually very shy and has anxiety just going outside. so i push myself
who eats cookies because they look good on rugrats whn angelica eats them but is reminded just how average they really are everytime I bite into em. grr.
who has a potty mouth because cussing cracks her up.
who is mean because I'm insecure its true but i'm working on it! :)
who likes to wear sweats nd just chill.
who dresses up just to take a picture.
who wears makeup because I fell ugly that day.
who loves attention
who could never picture life w/ out her stuffed animals
who has had writers block since the 6th grade hehe.
who is told she is an excellent writer but hates english class.
who's favorite subject is seriously LUNCH.
who thinks root bear is amazing and the best just because its makes her burp alot.
who wishes she had ever pair of converse ever inventd evn though I never wear them.
who thinks doodling in class or ever is freaking LAME!
who thinks reading is amazing and loves libraries.
who wants a library card now. haha.
who thinks arthur is still a great show. pbs nigga.
who hates being a female during that time of the month nd wishes she were a boy.
who loves to crush on ppl hahaha.
who would go on a reality show because it'd be funny.
who wanted to pose in playboy ever since I saw a playboy magazing when I was little
who likes all movies that star thats so raven LOL.
who misses her first ever bffs. 5, 6, && 7 grade were amazing. 3lw

nd so much more.

I'm just your average girl frm
el paso texas. born nd raised.
who now resides in dallas.
and is getting ready to discover the world
all on my own. august 9th is my "move in" date.
I'm the girl who seriously hates college
nd doesnt wish to return. grr.
also why the fuck should I pay to learn.
I also like to keep alot of stuff bcause it
brings me memories. I'm just me.
I laugh whn I feel the need too.
I cry behind closed doors.
I worry too dmn much.
I smile nd stare out the window alot. :)
it is what it is.

I'm not rich I just trick alot LMAO.

born to a homeless mother who went through alot.
but guess what I'm her guardian angel!! I brought
so much meaning to her life. just like she taught me
I taught her. we've been through alot in life together.
and we continue to grow and overcome.
we've been through it all. lights off water off etc.
shes my bestfriend. as i grow stronger so does she.
her strength guides me motivates me nd pushes me.
my biological father
left and is living "the life" or so it seems.
with a family that doesnt include me.
I'm his first child nd only daughter. you would nevr know.
but God blessed me w/ a better person 2 to be exact.
I have a loving family and no matter how hard it gets.
I'm human. I'm blessed. I'm just sayn whats Real!!

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