Sunday, July 26, 2009

convenient -spell check! FRIEND!?

have you ever known someone to just b
there when its convenient for them!?

um. YA! LOL.

well let me go on record to say.

I am not the muthaeffn ONE!

if you think you can be my friend.
whn you have no one else.
when times arent going good for you.
when your life is suddenly in shambles
nd you need someone to tlk too.

you got the game FXCK'd up!!

I am not nor will I ever be.
your friend whn its convenient for you.

I can let you know right now.
I'm not the person you can run to
at the end of the day when everyone
has left you behind!

if you knew the true definition of a friend
you'd know that you are there through thick and thin.
not when you dnt have anyone.
a true friend is someone you can trust and confide in.
someone you can run and cry too.
someone who gives you advice and tells you the truth
whether its something you want to hear or not.
and so on and so on. shit you know.

not someone who.
whn goings get good!!
you dnt just diss your friends
who were there first.
but expect to pick them up
whn shit gets tough.
because during this diss process
you lose your friends
so whn those superficial hoes
decide enough is enough and their
dne w/ you. you will have NO ONE!!
or at least I can tell you.

I have no sympathy for anyone
who puts themselves in a bad situation.
you made your bed now sleep in it.

everyone knows.
you never burn a bridge.
because you'll never know when
you need to cross it again!!

nd I know ppl are probably thinking
wll your not a good friend yourself.
because your not there in the end.
wll I give everyone a chance.
the first time its a mistake but
after the second nd third time it is
no longer a mistake you know what your
doing and I am no ones fool.
so I refuse to let you think you got me!!
and allow you to take advantage of it.
therefore if this makes me a


wll I wear the title/crown proudly. :)

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