Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventures ON A ROPE!! haha


Today was FREAK'n amazing. YERP!.

Let me tell you about the Adventure on a rope.
including ME!! Ja'nine [J9 Douglas], nd Philip [Lithium].

Well The Adventure Started around 1 o'clock n the AFTERNOON!
On Tuesday! June 16, 2009 LOL.

when J9Douglas nd Lithium pickd me up...

frm The CASA!

thn we Headed to the infamous

nd stackd up on GREAT! food haha.

the list includes
-lunch meat
-mustard [spicy brown to b exact]

oh and we got stalked to by a weird lady.

thn the ROAD! trip began.

on the way there we got LOST! like always :)

nd ran across

it wasn't like a drive in!



WE! got to play w/ a lamborgini -spell check haha

nd get directions frm a weird police lady.
we shoulda took a pic w/ her. haha.

we reached our destination!!


nd guess what.
it was amazing.

I swam [I can't swim good]
Ja'nine tried to kill me!!
we got on a ROPE!

its a new SONG!!

stay tuned.

Ja'nine tried to fish.
but I swear there was NO! fish
in the whole entire LAKE!!

Me nd J9Douglas discoverd Lady bugs are GROSS!!
Birds attack.

Storks: they bring babies!!
[thats where babies come frm]

nd I still wanna discover
if the street calld DALLAS
leads to the city Dallas.
[I'm very SERIOUS]

nd. basically


I love the bestie nd I guess Lithium too haha.

I'd write more but I'm tired nd I wnna watch a
couple of the true blood shows online.

so w/ that. I'm OUTTIE.

ps. you so have to check out me nd janines
new dance.

haha gotta love us.

oh!! and check out j9douglas's

can you guess what it is! haha

2:17 AM


I'm watching

the vampire show on HBO!
True BLOOD!! well I'm late
on this show so I'm watchn
it online!! Season one
nd so far its xtra COOL! haha
I LOVE IT! already.

I think sukki!?

-spell check.

is weird [cool]/ew LOL
he and vampire BILL!! haha moved a lil quick.

I'm barley on episode 3
nd there already fightn nd trippn. hehe

moving along..

OMG!! So I was on the bbcicecream.com/blog

nd saw this

I freakn love it.

if robots ruled the world.
ok wll mayb not ruled but it i could
have that would clean my room
I'd b a very happy GIRL! :)

oh yeah nd check out this video
its freakn awesome!!

i can dig it!! can you!?

Sorry I'm Late from Tomas Mankovsky on Vimeo.

nd i'm OUTTIE!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

erm. searchn!?

Havent bloggd nd a min..

so thats what I'm doin. YERP!
while listen'n to Kate Voegele's Album -A FINE MESS!

I had an interview today. nd I feel pretty good about it.
evn if I dnt get the job, I'll just look at the situation
in a positive light. :) I'm growin up! hehe. nd I'm dmn
proud of myself. evn tho I did have a little relapse yestrday.

so Basically yesterday I woke late nd I was extremely tired. but I was just chilln tho. well thn I tlkd to my bestie. nd during her excitement of telln me about how soon we move into our new apartment. I got a little overwhelmd which I do a lot.
See we dnt move in for another 2 months. JULY 29th to b EXACT!! nd yes I'm excitd also. but aftr I hung up the phn I was like OMG! I just felt so stressd like I was trying to do so much in so little time. you kno. nd I freakd out!! see my goal for this summers or should I say GOALS! is one!! get a job [check] get a second job [half check LOL] save money [check] not hang out so much [check] learn the difference
between my RIGHT! now friends nd my TRUE! friends! [um half check] still workn on the last one. but I'm doing good so far tho. I mean. I kno for sure for sure that Ja'nine is on the list. of TRUE! friends! everyone else I seem to b droppn but for some reason I dnt really care! I'm happy nd satisfied w/ my ONE! true friend. this does not mean I dnt have other friends but I mean the others are more of associates, like I can go out nd hang w/ them but its just not on that level. for example: I go to a party nd see you there. I'll be cordial nd say hey nd we can laugh nd all that xtra at the party but thats it. dnt think were gonna hang out like that nd be the best of friends. I will not share w/ you what I dnt mind the rest of the world knowing. I will NOT! trust you, etc. bck to my check list LOL. I want to get a car by the end of july [no check] grr. LOL nd thats basically it. I guess the car nd apartment money situation just really overwhelmd me nd I had a moment but I'm fine now! :) because right aftr that I tlkd to GOD nd guess what my phn rang saying I had an interview. YAY!

as for TODAY!!

I woke up early nd I felt so peaceful nd content.
I can truly say I think I'm happy LOL.
and I'm not worried. I feel as everything will play
out nd work out for me. I just need to b patient
nd have faith! Just taking it day by day.

OH! && the for the ppl who can't wait to see me mess up or fail,
I will PROVE! you wrong. I can and I will succeed in everything I do.


Today is a NEW! day
nd I'm so excited about it.

CHANGE! is a GOOD! thing...

No longr searchn for the unknown.