Monday, September 14, 2009

KID CUDI Music Mondays: Inspiration

Man on the Moon: The End of the Day!


I love this album.
I can honestly say
this is probably one of
the only albums were
I LOVE not LIKE! every

each nd every song.

I'm in awe -spell check.

1. In my Dreams.

basically it goes w/ the album title LOL.
Man on the Moon = HIM!
The End of the Day! = him going to sleep
at "the end of the day" nd transforming you
into his dreams/his life.

2. Soundtrack 2 My Life.

simply amazing :) it is extremely relatable
on all levels. wll for me anyway hehe

verses frm the song I LOVE :)
-I got, 99 problems and they all bitches
Wish I was Jigga man, carefree livin'
-But they all didn't see the little bit of sadness in me
-The moon will illuminate my room
And soon I'm consumed by my doom
-Where it is never sunny, the dark side of the Moon,
So it's never right, I try to shed some light on it man,
Not many people of this planet understand...
-I'm this close to goin and tryin' some coke
and a happy ending be slitting my throat
Ignorance to cope man, Ignorance is bliss
Ignorance is love and I need that s--t
-And I get both, never truly satisfied
I am happy - that's just the saddest lie

&& last but not least.

sing it w/ me now.

I've got some issues that nobody can see
And all of these emotions are pouring out of me
I bring them to the light for you
It's only right, this is
The soundtrack 2 my life
The Soundtrack 2 my life...

I MEAN! seriously.
he wnt hard.
who hasnt evr had moments
were you truly felt what he
said cause you were in his shoes.

*looks around*

nd if you havent.
um kudos to you!?
[confused puzzled face]

3. Simple as...

its as simple as that.
love common whn he tlks :)

4. Solo Dolo [nightmare]

at this point!! its pretty dmn
self explanatory!! dnt get it
I'm flipn the bird at you :)

-Listen Good
I don't need nobody
This is what you feel all the sounds of insanity
Hopin what I hear loops itself to finish me
No I wont be afraid
Hey Hey
-Why must it feel so wrong when I try and do right, do right.

5.Heart of a Lion

pure awesomeness <--is that word? LOL
anyways you catch my drift.
the song literally speaks for its self.
point blank period.


6. My World

This WILL! be MY! world.
like this song gives HOPE.
it tells a story. nd yeah
we've probably heard this story
hundreds of time frm artist
in all genres. but Idk
for some reason this one felt
real. like it HIT HOME!

like seriously LISTEN TO THE SONG!!
I cnt evn give you a fav verse
or anything cause the whole dmn song
is my fav.
so google the lyrics nd read along :)

7. Day n NITE!

um yeah we've seen the video nd heard
the song over a milion times. I still love
it but shit ya'll get the picture.


ps. if you havent heard the song.
kick rocks nd without shoes or socks

8. The Sky Might Fall

-What a world that I'm livin' in,
Will the rainstorms ever end,
Still I feel my... path narrow,
I run again,
See happyness is gone again,
And then you see 'em,
Grey clouds up above man,
Metaphor to my life man,
Still I feel my...heart stronger then its ever been,
Strong will to my journey ends,

-enough said. listen to the rest biotchh.

9. Enter Galactic

-I know it's easy to imagine but it's easier to just do
See, if you can't do what you imagine, then what is imagination to you?
Just a waste of space in your brain, to take the place of hate, where things all the same
Tell me your secrets, the things that make you tick
I like when you talk because your voice is angel-ess, ay

this song makes me smile HEHE.

Now NOW Yeah you can't have my heart :)

10. Alive

-Everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah
and everytime, the moon shines I become alive, yeah

11. Cudi ZONE

I just love this song.
in my mind it sounds like ooooooooo
dmn if i could sing!

12. Make her say.

love it!! lady gaga's weird ass singing.
kanye the douche crybaby nd my fav of all time
COMMON!!!!!! dmn this shit is HOT!.
specially commons part no offense.



13. Pursuit of Happiness

just the way it flows is enough for me!
gahhhhhh it makes me HAPPY! bahahaha.
I dnt know why I just LOVE! it so much.
it just feels so GROOVY BABY hehe.

-Crush a bit, little bit, roll it up, take a hit
Feelin’ lit feelin’ light, 2 am summer night.
I don't care, hand on the wheel, drivin drunk, I'm doin’ my thing
Rollin the Midwest side and out livin’ my life getting’ out dreams
People told me slow my road I'm screaming out fuck that
Imma do just what I want lookin’ ahead no turnin’ back
if I fall if I die know I lived it to the fullest
if I fall if I die know I lived and missed some bullets

he couldve made this song w/ just that verse nd I'd b buzzn :)

14. Hyyerr

this song just takes me there hehe.
I swear this song makes me happy nd
makes me wnna do my happy dance. I swear.
nd I dnt evn smoke. but ayeeee.

-So I just pour that bag of colorful frosty leaves on out
And free my scalp
I mean free my mind
One puff at a time
Im up all the time
Im up on the grind
So a big booty and a blunt would be fine
Just wanna feel fine
Just wanna kill time
Just wanna relax and think of a rhyme

like seriously who else makes songs like his?

15. up up & away


so thats my take on the kid cudi album.
everyone song is awesomely amazing.
I love the entire album!


Sept 15. 2009.

The end is never the end. A new challenge awaits. A test no man could be prepared for. A new hell he must conquer and destroy. A new level of growth he must confront himself. The machine in the ghost within. This is the journey of the man on the moon.

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