Sunday, May 3, 2009


in the mist of all this complication.
I still manage to find serenity.

I have no idea!!
what I want to blog about.


I wnna blog hehe.

so hmm.

not this week
but next week!
I have finals. GRR!

kind of ready for school
to b out!!

this is going to b a busy week.
matter of fact!
let me make a schedule.
hopefully I'll stay on top of it.
keyword: HOPEFULLY!!

Anatomy Lecture: 8 in the morning.
English: 9:30 in the morning.
Psychology expiermental credit: 11-11:30.
Naptime mayb?
Library: 2 in the afternoon.
-love the library!!
while in the library.
Study for anatomy 1 hour.
Psychology quizzes. try to do 4.
History chapters. grr. try to do 3. LOL.
thn hmm!! FREE mayb!? or mayb more study time.


Eat breakfast LOL.
[try to get up early.]
Psychology: 11
History: 1
Psychology expiermental credit: 2:30-3
Forum w/ Ja'nine mayb.
-need to tlk to the ppl about our lease.
thn STUDY TIME!! grr.

I wnna DROP OUT!

oh I'm changing my major.
Nursing SUCKS!
Graphic design here I come.
= ]

Man! I have so much I want to accomplish this summer.
I swear I'm never going to sleep.
but then again who cares. it'll all b worth it in the end.

MAN! I can't wait to prove everyone wrong!!
Thanks for believing in me. hehe.
your my motivation.
I'm not letting anything or anyone STOP! me.

time to do some planning.


adios. bbl.

1 comment:

Reese Portilla said...

ur too cute! surprisingly this was entertaining to read! lol!

im thinking about changing my major to're scaring me!

hang in there, lil'll get there! you seem pretty driven. just keep that focus, mami....good luck on the finals!