Monday, May 4, 2009


Taking time out of my busy day! LOL.

to gets ya'lls opinion.

cause I'm WHAT!?


its TIME! for a CHANGE!

I'm not sure if I'm gonna follow thru
cause I am scary LOL. but I want too.

all my life I've had LONG! hair. if I cut it.
it was still considered LONG!. blah blah blah.

wll dmnit!

I wnt a change.

can't decide if I wnna keep it LONG! and just get a diff
type hairstyle/cut thingy.


go short.

decisions decisions.



here are my choices!!



when I cut it! or whatever.
I will NOT! be coloring it all weird.
it will be ONE! color. BLACK.

or I'll just pull a cassie LOL.

1 comment:

Reese Portilla said...

for one DO NOT pull a Cassie!!! ugh...

i like that first one the best...its not SUPER short...but short enough to be a BIG difference.

plus if u dont like it...its long enough to grow back quickly...and the cut is easy to manage and will grow out beautifully.