Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BLAH! Library BORED.


Suppose to be studyn.
but I feel like I've dne enough
studyn for now.
I might study more a lil later.
So I'm blogging! YERP.


There needs to be Library RULES!
1. Be considerate! um hello ppl are tryna study DUH!
or read a book, write a paper there doing something.
2. NO COUGHING! this girl is across frm me
she has been coughin for dmn near 2 hours -literally.
Shit get a cough drop. or GO BACK TO YOUR DORM OR HOME! nd study.
3. NO CELL PHONES! unless your textn. who
holds a whole conversation on the phone arent you suppose
to be doing something productive!?
4. NO MUSIC! I do not wnna hear the bullshit yu listen to
unless I like the song of course. hehe.

Which brings me to Common, Drake, && Lauryn Hill.
I've been killn em all day!! I can't get enough.

favorite common song of the moment: Make my day && I used to love her.

so I am totally in love w/ Cassie's new hair for some odd reason.
at first I was like wtf!? then I looked at it again nd was like.

OH! and I found my tattoo.

I WANT....
[drumroll plz]

on my rib cage w/ that writing but a lil different!!
I'm n love w/ it hehe.

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pwhitejackson said...

Thats the prayer they make you say in Alcoholics Anonymous.